Hoax is a US bi-annual queer feminist compilation zine that aims to create a space to analyze the feminisms of our everyday lives. People of all lived experiences are encouraged to submit! Contributors do not have to identify with a particular gender and/or as feminists in order to submit work to Hoax. We ask that all potential collaborators, regardless of political and/or personal self-identities, actively agree to Hoax’s Core Values and Shared Goals before working on the project.

+ Mission Statement, Core Values, and Shared Goals
+ General Hoax FAQs
+ Submission FAQs
+ Stipends for Submissions

Zine Issues & Topics:
Hoax #1 - Relationships
Hoax #2 - Relationships, Redux
Hoax #3 - Health
Hoax #4 - Hirstories
Hoax #5 - Community
Hoax #6 - Communication
Hoax #7 - Change
Hoax #8 - Mythologies
Hoax #9 - Vulnerabilities
Hoax #10 - Embodiments
Hoax #11 - Strategy (currently taking submissions until DECEMBER 30TH!)

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